High Tech, Low Life(CYBERPUNK)

Cyberpunk Anime

Cyberpunk /si:’ber-puhnk/-a sub-genre of science fiction. Cyber punk is a speculative fiction, a warning on a probable future. Originally, the term “cyber punk” was meant to be only a character-type name, meaning ” A young technologically facile, ethically vacuous computer-assisted vandal or criminal”. Nowadays, the term means more than that, it is now a whole sub-culture and movement.

Cyberpunk film, literature and anime describe worlds which are sinister, dark places with inter-linked computers that dominates every aspect of life. In some part of the action takes place on-line in cyberspace. but its not all that it has more broader meaning….

Cyberpunk Scenario:

When most of the people hear about cyberpunk, Ultra Technology comes in their minds( Nano technologies, Artificial Intelligence, mutants,space colonies,vehicles faster/cheaper more maneuverable, cloning, brain implants, wired existence, embryo cultivation, improved performance of firepower, weapons are cheap, last longer, jam less and fire faster).

But its not just the characteristic Ultra High Tech. what makes cyberpunk, cyberpunk. Cyberpunk works usually this “life sucks” mood. Their are technologically-enhanced cultural systems. This so called “systems” which greatly dominates or influences the ordinary lives of ordinary people, It may either be a “religion, a corporation or a government”.

Often, this system extends into its human “components” as well, via implants. Humans themselves become part of “the Machine”, this is the “cyber” aspect, while the “punk” aspect is those people who live on its margins. These are criminals, outcasts, biker gangs, visionaries, or those who simply want freedom for freedom’s sake.

“Cyberpunk is Struggle”


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