Super Robots vs Real Robots

I wrote this blog to share information to those who are interested, mecha anime fans, or anime fans alike. I hope that I shared information well, if their is something you want to add or the blog has grammatical errors please tell me so that i could edit it to make the blog more interesting and more informational.

How did it began? What are there differences?

Super Robot ( Sūpā Robotto) is a term used in manga and anime to describe a giant robot or Mecha , with an arsenal of fantastic super-powered weapons, are extremely resistant to damage unless the plot calls for it, sometimes transformable or combined from two or more robots and/or vehicles usually piloted by young, daring heroes(sometimes with the shaggy hair), and often shrouded by mystical or legendary origins or newly discovered power source.


The idea of a robot controlled by a young hero was first used in 1956 with Iron Man 28(Tetsujin 28) by manga artist Mitsuteru Yokoyama, which featured a giant robot piloted by remote-control by a young boy named Shotaro Kaneda, who used it to fight against evil. However, the first anime to use the phrase Super Robot and the one that set the standards for the genre was Mazinger Z , created by Go Nagai and making its debut in manga publications and TV in 1972. The main difference between Mazinger Z and previous robots was that the hero, Kouji Kabuto, would pilot the robot from the inside in the same manner as one would drive a car. This anime show was hugely popular and spanned numerous sequels and imitations during the 1970s, and revival shows later during the 80s and 90s.


  • The Super Robot anime shows are usually named after the title robot.
  • Tend to use a “monster of the week format” in that the villains introduce a single antagonist at the beginning of the episode that the heroes usually defeat by its end.
  • Usually their are 2-5 or more machines and Combine to make a Mightier and Stronger Robot (Super Robot) to defeat the enemy
  • Uses sometimes unknown source of energy and sometimes regenerate.

Here is some Super Robot titles that is familiar to you.

  • Voltes V
  • Mazinger Z
  • Shin Getter Robo
  • Combattler V
  • UFO Robo Grendizer
  • Daimos
  • Cybuster

Real Robot (Riaru Robotto) is a term first seen in the Super Robot Wars series of video games, to describe robots or Mecha that are treated as realistic tools/weapons rather than as heroic semi-characters, or Super Robots.


Yoshiyuki Tomino started the real robot animes, in 1979 he transformed Super Robot anime genres into Real Robots by creating Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) the first in the Gundam metaseries.

Distinction from Super Robots:

  • Manufactured by military and commercial enterprises of various nations.
  • The concept of industrial production and commercial manufacturing processes appeared for the first time in the history of robot.
  • Inrtoducing Manufacturing lang. such as “Mass Prod.(MP)”, “ProtoType” and “TestType”.
  • Uses Manually Operated Attacks unlike Super Robots
  • Mostly uses Ammunition
  • Most of all Real robots do not have regenerating/limitless fuel or power supplies like Super Robots.

Note: In some Versions of New Real Robot animes some have regenerating/limitless power. For example in Gundam Seed Destiny ZGMF X20A Strike Freedom Gundam and ZGMF X09A Justice Gundam both have Njam Cancellers(Nuclear Powered).

Here are some Real Robot titles that maybe familiar to you.

  • Gundam Metaseries (Mobile Suit, Z, Wing, F91 etc.)
  • Macross(Robotech)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Full Metal Panic!
  • Code Geass
  • Patlabor


11 Responses to “Super Robots vs Real Robots”

  1. The_Painkiller Says:

    mmmm.. i think that the EVAs should be an “hybrid” type.. why? because:uses monster of the week (the angels) are extremely resistant to damages, the S2 can be called an unknown source of energy, and they’re really BIG..

    • you have a point sir,err maybe some mecha should be branded as hybrid types, but almost characteristics that EVA possess are for SR types of mecha, so I wrote its title in the list of SR types..

      Thanks for commenting sir I really appreciate it, people who reads blog post here, usually does not comment about what they think of it…
      hounto ni arigatou gozaimashita^_^v

  2. I would classify Gundam 00 as a Super Robot show. It is basically Dragon Ball Z in a Gundam skin. The mecha looks like real robots, but the mysterious technology that magically escalates in power is more Super Robot.

    • I guess it can’t be help because of the GN drivers that have been equipped to the Gundams in the series that gives them a mysterious technological advancement sumpremacy over the current timelines technological advancement of the suits(non-gundams), I’ve got your point their XD I think it’s another hybrid combining super robot power into a real robot body.

      -thanks for the comment ^_^

  3. Some images on your site are not there anymore

  4. Necross1454 Says:

    Hmm, i think you need to polish the definition of real robot, because, a lot of real robots HAS unknown energy source. What in my opinion defines a series RB o SR its the story and the characters (im talking to you, hot blooded pilot xD)


  5. i think eva should be 1/2 super robot or hybrid

    i think the different of this type in the controller.. if complex.. it called real

    • yeah i think so too but is there a hybrid class of mecha? i mean the creators have coined it as hybrid? , i guess you can consider almost mechs as hybrid types…. nowadays

  6. Well i think the biggest difference is not only the way they look but the weapons and the way they are piloted and their great maneuverability and durability that defy the laws of physics (XD). Most Super Robots also have large flashy over powered attacks with names which the pilot shouts to use them or when he uses them and they usually have a large Swords. The pilots themselves are also quite different not just because their hot blooded there are lots of hotblooded Real Robot pilots to but because of the way they think and act as honorable individuals who fight for their own beliefs and say corny but absolutely essential things like I am the Sword that cuts Evil or you will never win as long as i am here to stop you. Take the Grungust types from Super Robot Wars for example or Sanger and his Daizengar. Sanger Zanvolt is in my opinion the perfect Super Robot Pilot. While Heero Yuy is the perfect Real Robot pilot.

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