Eva Clock, Picture Stamp iPhone

eve tarrots

Eva Clock, Picture Stamp iPhone Apps Posted Online and Evangelion Tarot Cards to be sold in Japan


The Appliya software company has announced that the official Evangelion Clock and Picture Stamp applications are now available in the iTunes App Store in the United States. Appliya bills these applications as “the world’s first iPhone and iPod Touch applications based on the highly popular Rebuild of Evangelion films produced by Khara Inc.” The Evangelion Clock emulates the NERV headquarters timer screens of the anime to tell the time with optional sound effects and “emergency” countdown timer. The Evangelion Picture Stamp is modeled after the photo booths that are popular in Japan; users can take photographs and decorate them with Rei hairstyle overlays, mecha and characters from the anime, and backgrounds.

In Japan, the official website for the new Evangelion films has announced that an Evangelion Tarot Card Set will debut on March 19. The set will contain 22 Major Arcana cards, each with exclusive artwork.

Funimation is releasing the first of the film remakes in North America in film festivals and later on DVD this year.


Source: ANN


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