GurenLangan Movie Update:center point break movie



“A very short notice/ Reminder for this movie”

“center point GURENRAGAN(Guren Langan) Breakthrough”2009 Saturday, April 25  released in theaters nationwide(Japan) advance sale of tickets to watch theater Hen threaded Iwao.



“Hen I. GURENRAGAN threaded center point break movie.”

Original: GAINAX KAZUKI NAKAJIM, Director: Hiroyuki, Stone configuration script now: KAZUKI NAKAJIMA Character Design & Mechanical Design: Nishigori Atsushi, Animation: Yoshinari, GAINAX distribution: Kadokawa Shoten, CLOCKWORKS Production: Production Committee GURENRAGAN movie


2 Responses to “GurenLangan Movie Update:center point break movie”

  1. Oh, it’ nice to look, I want to see it, Thanks a lot.

  2. welcome! ^_^v

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