A Nihonjin(Japanese) Made a giant Kabuto Roboto!(Beetle Robot)

RX-03 KAbutom by Takahashi

RX-03 KAbutom by Hitoshi Takanashi san

Last wednesday, TV Asahi’s Nanikore Chin Hakkei a japanese Television program showcase a 60 year old man(Hitoshi Takanashi) that built a giant beetle robot in his own garageĀ  for 11years in eastern Japan, prefecture of Ibaraki, he named it Kabutom RX-03 which came from the Kabuto Mushi, the Japanese name for Rhinoceros Beetle(note: this beetle type robot is actually the third beetle robot that Takahashi san created). The Kabutom RX-03 is 11meters long(about36 feet) and the width is 9.5 meters(31 feet ),weights 15 tonnes, currently it is also the largest one. The Kabutom Rx-03 can be controlled from within the cockpit or by radio controller.It has wheels in its undercarriage in addition to the six insectoid legs.

Whats next? I hope a mech like zoid? or a gundam? Love the technological advancement, I hope that I can see what would it reach…(this things must not be used in human war, this could be a feat for commoners now but maybe later it will be used in wars) very scary uwaaaaaa! Thats if for now thank you for reading.

thanks fot the info on the video:http://strangersheart.multiply.com/

source: http://altjapan.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/04/mushi-mecha.html


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