Cyber Punk(Wired to the iffinity)

High Tech low life cyber punk!

High Tech low life cyber punk!

People that compose Cyber punk

  • Anarchist

They seek to destroy, they kill, they obliterate. When they think something is evil, they can live with-out out it.

  • Greens

They love mother nature, they can be environmentalist, activist or maybe terrorist in disguise.

  • Cybers/Mechanist

They are the augmented, those combined with machines or wires, they feel immortality can be achieve through this augmentations. loves to create cool mechs (maybe i could be this one LOL)

  • Shapers

Opposite of the mechanists, they are genetically enhanced. They are much more into the genetic code thing, they love to create biological life forms as much like the mechanist do.(mad scientist mode)

  • Technophobes

the hell with this, they are against to any technology or to genetic engineering. They are the ones who don’t advance.

  • Xenophobes

Those who are afraid of anything different, example mutants, cyborgs, other-race etc.

  • Kinetics

Fast guys, those who like the highways, speed is their  first love, I promise you they don’t last long.

  • Hackers/Phreaks/Crackers/Cyberphunks/warez doodz/Techies etc.

Telecom. kings, technology geniuses, computing monsters…they are thrilled when they do those things, or they do it for business. Hackers break in to computers systems , Phreaks play with the phone  systems, Crackers play with software or networks , cyberpunks concerns themselves with crypthography and cryptosystems, warez doodz concerns themselves at software piracy, techies concerned themselves on their hand held gadgets and many more no time to mention.

  • Drug Culture

drug dealers, drug lords more money more power the more the weaponry and access to all.

  • Mafia/ Yakuza/ Organize Crime

they want things in order and clean.



Beside the usual jobs offered in the cyberpunk world(cops, scientist, doctors, clones) here are some…

  • Runner

A courier paid to transport some things from one place to another. They are expert on survival, escaping, evasion and concealment combat.

  • Data Runner

They are same as the runners but they are into the data file delivery services.

  • Hustler/Broker

People who has connections and use them to deal any info. , services or items.(this guys also have short life span)

Extraction Specialist

paid by company to  kidnap or liberate a scientist bearing knowledge of value. Think mercenaries, hit squads , assassins.

  • Bounty  Hunters

Most flexible of all they accept any job services, but their number one priority is to catch there prey, some are loners some with groups. They support themselves, lives with their own bounty rewards, they are expert combatants or weapon specialist.

This end my little information giving post thank you all for reading, thanks to my old questor magazine and to my enhanced brain for the information that I have written here. Mata ne(see ya)

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2 Responses to “Cyber Punk(Wired to the iffinity)”

  1. hohoho! di ako maka relate!

  2. Toinks now you can relate XD because I put up a link about the introduction of this article toinks

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