Kamen Rider Decade vs Dai Shocker: Movie+Vids



First what is Kamen Rider Decade? “Kamen Rider Decade marks the 10th anniversary of the Heisei-era Kamen Rider franchise; hence the title “Decade” and the appearance of characters from Kamen Rider Kuuga (2000) to Kamen Rider Kiva (2008)” – ANN COMMENT

Second what is Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー Kamen Raidā?), translated as Masked Rider, is a weekly sci-fi story created by Japanesemangaka Shōtarō Ishinomori (石ノ森 章太郎 Ishinomori Shōtarō?). – Wikipedia

Kamen Rider is action, adventure, science fiction series that is a culture to everyone who knows it…Okey back to the main topic, their would be a movie coming soon which is entitled Kamen Rider vs Dai Shcoker movie, this movie includes all of the Kamen riders of Heisei-era(kamen rider kuuga- kamen rider decade:2000-Present) and Showa-era(From kamen rider1- kamen rider black RX:1971-89), well for me as a fan of the series, I am very excited about it and I want to watch it ASAP(LOL as if I could watch it in Japanese theatres). Well, Im just gonna put some shooting of the film videos and interviews(they arent subbed sorry guys)


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