EVANGELION 2.0 Trailers….


“‘Eva’ is a story that repeats.
It is a story about understanding self existence and self worth in the eyes of others and ourselves
It is a story where the main character witnesses many horrors with his own eyes, but still tries to stand up again.
It is a story of will; a story of moving forward, if only just a little.
It is a story of fear, where someone who must face indefinite solitude fears reaching out to others, but still wants to try.” -Anno, Hideaki

The Evangelion official webiste recently launched the 2nd official trailer of Evangelion 2.0 You cannot advance, this is the 2nd film of a four part movie remake of the Evangelion anime series. The film itself will be shown in June 27, 2009,Japan.

Official Website, Official Trailer….Trailers from youtube(below)


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