8th Phil. ToyConvention!

Brace yourselves

Brace Yourself

Lists of events

  • Customized Action Figure Contest
  • Customized Mecha Figure Contest
  • Scale Model Contest
  • Toy Diorama contest
  • Die cast dressed up car (1/64) and (1/18)
  • 2nd Philippine Toy Design Contest
  • 4th Philippine Fan Film Contest
  • Toy Click – toy photography contest
  • Cosplay Click – cosplay photography contest
  • GI JOE Fan Art contest
  • 4th Philippine Booth Babe 2008 contest
  • Live Action Figure Costume and COSPLAY Contest [ Individual cosplay | Group cosplay | Kids
  • cosplay | 3nd Philippine Game Girl]

to know more the latest guidelines and contest list for the 8th Philippines Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2009
for June 13-14, 2009. Visit http://toyconph.com/blog/contest/

  • Cosplay Fashion Fantasy Contest
  • Stage contest ( wil be updating soon)
  • Transformers High Speed Contest
  • Anime Dubbing Contest
  • Raffle Games
  • Trivia Contest
  • Name that toon
  • Name that toy


official website: www.toyconph.com

I hope this is going to be a blast, hmmm actually last year I went to the 7th toycon here in my country the Philippines and its my first ever toy convention/cos convention that I have attended, well for me Its a great convention actually seeing toys, booths , and cosplayers….for my fellow countrymen and con goers alike see you all there.


2 Responses to “8th Phil. ToyConvention!”

  1. thanks for featuring this…

    hope to see you at the event

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