“Space Battleship Yamato” on December!

Finally it is on the Space Battleship Yamato a science fiction anime series is said to be shown this december 2009 in Japanese theatres. Nishizaki Yoshinobu(74yr old producer and chief director) is planning to finish this film in CG(computer graphics) named Uchuu Senkan Yamato Fukkatsu Hen(Space Battleship Yamoto Hen Rebirth) this coming october. Its main theme is about the environment on how humans neglect earth. The story line is set on 2220, 21 years after the first Yamato and 17 years after the Final Yamato movie. Enagio will be the company to produce this film(a new company that Nishizaki formed)

“I have been dealing with the earth that we do, the biggest theme of the film now. Including global warming, amid calls for release of the crisis in the global pollution is of great significance”

-Nishizaki Chief Director(this film is said is to be his last work?)

The the statistics of the ship is barely unchanged

  • Lenght: 263 meters
  • Mass: 62,000 tons
  • Width: 34.6 meters
  • Features: The old yamato have a signature attack which is the “wave motion gun” that can wipe out a fleet, but it drains the power of the whole ship so it will be left vulnerable, but now in the new movie Yamato can fire up to six shots.

This year is great many animation films and anime series is coming out so far and this Yamato is the one thing we should anticipate. I watched the old series in a local channel when Im just a kid and its awesome back then. So thats it for now be sure to click the sources if you want to know more, ja mate ne.

Kono Ai wo Sasagete – The Alfee [ Movie Theme]

Sources: mainichi.jp ,ANN ,Wikipedia

Official Website:  http://www.yamato-movie.com/


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