Shangri-La(Sci-Fi anime)

“Shangri-La is a new sci-fi anime series by Gonzo.”


The anime series is based on the highly acclaimed novel of the same name which was written by Eiichi Ikegami and won the first place in 2005 Japanese Sci-Fi Novel Award.

  • Character designs by internationally acclaimed artist Range Murata (Last Exile, Blue Submarine No. 6),
  • Series structure by Hiroshi Ohnogi (Kekkaishi, Birdy the Mighty)
  • Directed by Makoto Bessho (animation director of Ah! My Goddess Movie, Brave Story)

SHANGRI-LA is set to be another major international hit from legendary anime studio GONZO (Last Exile, Blue Submarine No. 6, Yukikaze, Samurai 7, Witchblade, Afro Samurai). It started its airing last April 2009 and currently an ongoing series that must be seen. It might be our future? or it might not be….


The story is set in a neo-futuristic age, in which Tokyo has turned into the world’s largest “jungle-polis” that absorbs carbon dioxide. A tower city called Atlas houses the rich and privileged, and is the object of yearning of all that are not allowed to enter. But Atlas also has ancient secrets which cause a sudden whirl of events.

SHANGRI-LA is a tale of greed and division vs. bravery and the human spirit. Set against the backdrop of a Tokyo cityscape turned into a teeming jungle by runaway global warming, with the elite living in the comfort of the tower city, Atlas, and the less-privileged masses struggling in the squalor in the jungle – only one girl, Kuniko Hojo, and her band of guerrillas can find a way to preserve the future for everyone..

©2008 Eiichi Ikegami/KADOKAWA SHOTEN/SHANGRI-LA Partners

Official Website:


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