Pieces(RX-78 Gundam Complete)+Add Ons!

Last night, Im bored with my life when I accidentally saw this post in my RSS in Mr.Danny Choo’s site about this RX-78 Gundam(life size), I guess its a 18-meter tall metal statue that marks the 3oth yr. of the franchise.The statue will be free for public viewing in two months starting this coming  july.(Shiozake Park Odaiba, Tokyo , Japan). I was really excited that this thing, a masterpiece is now complete(Im hyped last night and boredom “I killed it”)

A visitor posted a cool vid of the SFX of the erected Gundam at Odaiba…

Pictures (Below)

Mr.Danny Choo’s photo shots(Below)

Danny Choos photo

“So from what I’ve read, it looks like the RX78 is only going to be up on display until August and then it gets pulled down after. Will work with folks to pull together a petition to keep it up ^^;”

-Danny Choo

Hooray for Danny san.. I hope the petition will be sucessful yosh!

Many thanks  Mr.Danny Choo beacause he owns all the photos that I used today and for more pictures, coverages about this article drop by to Mr.Danny Choo’s site , so minna san thats it for now, でわまたよ!



14 Responses to “Pieces(RX-78 Gundam Complete)+Add Ons!”

  1. amazing!!! but we already have things like that.. (referring to gundam cosplayers) neh? XD

  2. Michael Says:

    shet totoo sila O_O

  3. wooooo i want to pilot it haha

  4. bashfulone Says:

    oh my God! the mechas-gundam will invade us…
    oh noes!
    anyways its only a huge statue!
    i hope they are real…
    and i will control-pilot them…(your wish XD)

  5. *Drools*
    OMG!!! One of the things I really (We) HAVE TO SEE and (maybe sneak a touch) when we go to Jp!!! (Aside from another life-size replica of a character that I will definitely see/look for no matter what).

    (I hope that in the future, they will be able to mechanize it. GUNDAM!!! Lol von, this really makes life worth living.) <-nerd lol


  7. Mikko take pics of it please!!! Please learn how to go to Odaiba now!!!

  8. I really want to see this in person. 🙂

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