Bandai News! 「Customized Kamen Rider」 

I just stumbled upon this article, earlier today while Im surfing for news/infos in the internet that Bandai(Japanese giant toy company) have launched personalized Kamen Rider action figures dubbed “Jibun-Damashii(My Spirit)” last Thursday June 24, 2009 and will start accepting order last Friday June 25, 2009 at a special website. When ordering customers must send a photograph of themselves and letter inscribed on the action figure’s flat form, this said customized action figure is worth 13,650 yen, excluding postage.(Totemo takai! とてもたかいだよ), Beside of being your look alike it’s arms and legs can move freely plus a mask.

This thing is sweet Im a Kamen Rider fan myself, having a customized action figure as me as my favorite Kamen Rider would be fun and a worthwhile experience , although darn its very expensive for my point of view but well, money will not be a hindrance if you really want this, but for me right now money is a hindrance  hahahahah oh well thats it for now.


Source : Mainichi Shimbun(毎日新聞), 自分魂


4 Responses to “Bandai News! 「Customized Kamen Rider」 ”

  1. wow nice!! who wouldn’t want to have one of those!! their EPIC!!

  2. How nice naman. is Bandai. sana. magbigay info about sa corp. nila.

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