「Super Robot Rocks!/”Toei ROBOTTO GARUZU” 」

Gaiking(Gai chan)

Gaiking(Gai chan)

Toei have launched a website(Toei Robot Girls) to promote their various super robot animes, it features girls dressed as famous super robots from Toei. This website offers 4 frame comic and will update once a week.

Superhuman Combat Team Baratack (Bara-tan)

Superhuman Combat Team Baratack ("Bara-tan")

Earth is on a threat from an alien invasion, in order to protect earth,Toei Robotto Garuzu Labs is etablish, they gathered the data from legendary super robots who have saved the earth in the past, and then used that research data to imbue “Kawaii Girls” with their legendary powers.

Magnerobo Ga-Keen (Gacky)

Magnerobo Ga-Keen (Gacky)

Hmm can’t wait to go to Toei Phils. ,my organization will be going there to take some high school and elementary students of our school for a tour,err but I dont know when, cause I didn’t enroll hohoho. This project is to show them one of Japan’s animation company and to let  them know about culture that deeply flourished many years. Anyways thanks for reading minna, thats it for now またよ!(Special thanks to google translate and to my Jap class lol)

Sources: Official Website, ANN


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