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Aya Ueto voices AstroBoy

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It was announced that Aya Ueto(23) a Japanese Idol/Actress will be the lead seiyuu(voice actress) of the japanese dub of Astroboy CG Movie by Imagi(voiced by Freddie Highmore in english: Me likes Aya LOL) and Koji Yakusho(53)will be the seiyuu of Dr. Tenma(voiced by Nicolas Cage in english).It will be shown  on the 10th(Japan)and 23rd(America) of October this year 2009 and  Imagi will also bring Gatchaman to the big screen in full 3D next year 2010.

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Doraemon’s 30th Anniversary

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Our loveable Robot Neko Doraemon is celebrationg its movie and T.V. franchise 3oth Anniversary this coming August  8-9(Doraemon Daikanshasai event in Tokyo,Japan) plus with a movie entitled Doraemon: Nobita no Ningyo Daikaisen(Nobita’s Great Merman Sea Battle) which will be open in Japanese theaters on March 2010(Spring) and the official website “doraeiga“(Doraemon movie: eiga is the japanese term for movie) launched a 2minute film trailer. Continue reading

A Simple Thanks:ほうんとにありがとうみんな

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Whoa! this is just a thank you post for the people who visited and viewed this blog for more than half a year from me, so I ask my friend Ichan-01 to make me a random shoujo in a pilot uniform drawing to show that Im really thankful.(Can you guess from what Gundam series military uniform is it from? Its original color is green) Continue reading

International Tokyo Toy Show 2009

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JTA(Japan Toy Association) organized the annual Tokyo Toy Show 2009 . This said event is the largest  toy exhibition in Japan. The venue is “Tokyo Big Sight” (Tokyo International Exhibition Center). Continue reading

My Oh! AMX-004 Qubeley

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I it seems no company is accepting undergraduates to work under their wings, I think I’m losing hope to get a job, but still  I’m pretty positive to get a job soon. (hahahahaha) Earlier today it just came into my puny mind to post some close up shots of my AMX-004 QUBELEY MG 1/100, this baby is pretty sweet movable joints, 2 sabers, changeable hands or what do you call them,what do you expect its a Master Grade plastic model kit.

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「Ramen making Robot」おいしい

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I have nothing to do today, Im just waiting for a phone call from a certain company  if I’m accepted or not  for the job that I applied for yesterday. Anyways so much for my hopes, I’m reading the daily news of Japan today and I saw this article about a ramen making robot. Continue reading