「Ramen making Robot」おいしい

I have nothing to do today, Im just waiting for a phone call from a certain company  if I’m accepted or not  for the job that I applied for yesterday. Anyways so much for my hopes, I’m reading the daily news of Japan today and I saw this article about a ramen making robot. I’m getting hungry~はらへた!(ー_-”) the said robot was built by Yoshihira Uchida a 60 year old  Japanese shop owner of “Momozono Robot Ramen” located at Minami-Alps, Yamanashi and he actually spend 20 million yen for it and he began to develop it around 2003 at his residence. The said shop was opened by november last year and its gaining popularity not only for its delicious noodles but for its wonderful robo chef also. The process of the ramen noodles will take about two minutes and will cost you 300-500 yen depends on the size and Uchida san said that their are 40 million different flavor permutations. For me I would choose the biggest of the serving of the ramen noodle to satisfy my hunger, how about you? I suggest you choose the biggest serving also,^_^v although I haven’t tasted it yet but soon I will if I have the time and resources.

This robot is a feat to see and try but still I prefer a person making my ramen noodles or any food, I believe that cooking/making food is best made with a person that put in his heart/love into it, Im not getting very emotional here or something, its like your mom, dad, friend or girlfriend making the food for you, isn’t sweet?

For more info visit my source: The Mainichi Shimbun

Here is a video featuring the robot chef doing its thing, thanks to chebrashka for posting this video.

“If music be the food of love, play on.
William Shakespeare


2 Responses to “「Ramen making Robot」おいしい”

  1. ramen. 😀 yummy. wahahhaha…

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