International Tokyo Toy Show 2009

JTA(Japan Toy Association) organized the annual Tokyo Toy Show 2009 . This said event is the largest  toy exhibition in Japan. The venue is “Tokyo Big Sight” (Tokyo International Exhibition Center). The life size figure of Kamen Riders attracted incoming visitors and even though recession is still on, many companies participated in this event such as Bandai Co. Ltd., Tamiya,Inc., MegaHouse Corporation and many more. They showcase their available and newest products released in the market.(LOL Kamen Riders attracts me too, I want to become one)

I hope I could go to this event in the near future. Toys makes me, young people and young at heart happy true isn’t it. And darn it I’m dying to have a Unicorn Gundam model kit, oh money where are you I need you!

Well that’s all folks see you all again, I hope this blog post interest your mind, if not it’s fine(LOL). For more pictures and to know more click the links below.ありがとうよ、 じゃなまたよみんなさん。

For the Video please click here

Source:, Tokyo Toy Show, Pam’s Flickr


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