Gundam Wedding!

Gundam Wedding

Gundam Wedding

Sure this is a late post, but still I’m gonna post it no one can stop me, this is my blog isn’t it?(LOL) days ago August 25, 2009 Tueday night a couple named Yasui Kai(38) and his wife Emi(37) have their dream come true wedding.A dream wedding infront of the base of the huge 18meter tall gundam 1/1 RX-78 statue built at Shiokaze Park, Tokyo,Odaiba District, Japan. They were chosen  from the 548 entries from the public(Lucky Couple weee).

The groom wore Amuro Ray’ss uniform during the ceremony and Yasuo-san sweared “I swear my everlasting love to Gundam in front of Gundam”. The couple named their six-month old baby as Sayla(Seira), it is named after Sayla Mass a character from the Gundam anime series and addition to that Yoshiyuki Tomino (Mobile Suit Gundam series Director) gave a special gift to the couple.

I want my wedding too in the future become like this, but I want the people attending it dress/wear their favorite anime character(LOL Cosplay Wedding weeee kakoii deshou?)

Wedding Salute @_@

Wedding Salute @_@

Tomino San gave a gift to the couple^_^

Tomino San gave a gift to the couple^_^

Thanks to and for more pics just click it and you will find out more Gundam Wedding pics and other things Japanese related posts. またよ!

Source:, Mainichi Daily News


2 Responses to “Gundam Wedding!”

  1. how any fan would love that in there collection lol, lucky them getting married ther. omg a wedding with everyone in cosplay that would be epic 😀

    • hello sorry for the late reply -_- some problem in my life just happened this past month and weeks~ yes a wedding with everyone in cosplay would be epic …giggles ahahaha thanks for the comment

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