Evangelion Guitar~

Hounto ni gomenasai Minna (I am really sorry everyone) especially to my friends/readers/visitors/aliens/onlookers/etc. because I haven’t  wrote anything for almost a month now due to some personal problems and due to my laziness, well the problem is a secret but my laziness is revealed.

So much for that I saw an article posted by friend at his blog site iekcouldnotsee.wordpress.com about Fender(a famous guitar company) collaborating to Evangelion to release a electric guitar with Ayanami Rei as its theme.  Addition to that on the 1st of December an auction will be set for this said Item. I think this one would be a pricey Evangelion themed item so if you have a heck of money go and buy it for yourself and cherish your moment with it forever.

For the Specification of the guitar click “here“. and many thanks  to iekcouldnotsee.wordpress.com. Well thats if for now thanks for the time for reading my lame post.


4 Responses to “Evangelion Guitar~”

  1. chordsoflife Says:

    wow.. i want to have this!

  2. and it’s darn expensive! want a tip? buy a fender guitar and have it custom g-masked or airbrushed… LOL

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