While I’m surfing the net this morning about Gundam stuffs, I accidentally saw this a Gundam themed café opened in Akihabara district, Japan.

According to what I have read  the café has a futuristic setting with a seating capacity of 60, serves various kinds of food, deserts and beverages. It also features videos that provides infos about the series that started 31 years ago also they are selling goods such as Haro Crunch Choco and Gundam Café Cheese Pie and lastly female staffs are dressed in costumes which I like when I saw the news, hey I’m just kidding.

The Setting

The Haro Crunch Choco!

In this picture, the girl in the left is Ms. Aita Azusa while the one in the right is Kura Shizuka-san

Note: I don’t own the pictures, for more please check out the sources below.



3 Responses to “Gundam-Café”

  1. wish they had cool stuff like this where i’m from, were lucky to get cos players

  2. Sooooooooo great! I like it! If I come to Japan, I want go there…I love Gundam!

    POCYOU! 😛

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